Growing H. O. P. E. – Heart Open to Pursue the Extraordinary

Thank you for visiting today. You were the focus of the words and ideas that brought this site to life. It has become a home to those that are seeking something less complicated. We are a society and a world determined to make it all complex. I share the words to give you some hope, but also to work my way to hope as well. The more we can connect, through shared experiences, sharing experiences or just sharing a smile, the stronger we can grow – together and as individuals.

It helps to have a friend when facing down this world – or sometimes just facing the day. The articles, links and information shared on this site is designed to help you connect with us and each other so that you recognize you are not in it alone. Reflections reveal a piece of my own revelations. Family gives you my journey with my husband, the kids and others. Proverbs life takes the lessons I learn through Proverbs and gives you tips for applying the information in your own life.

Building relationships begins with conversations. Talking to each other allows the hearts to be exposed a little and through that exposure a connection to be planted and potentially grown. Share your thoughts today about an article you enjoyed are a subject you think needs to be covered.. Send your questions, concerns or interests just for the act of sharing. Your comments are addressed as soon as possible and you will receive a response by email. Your words are important, so take a moment to share.