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Mystery – Adventure – Encouragement. I have always found stories of intrigue and possibility around me and now I share those stories with you. The non-fiction books are filled with inspiration and hope. The mystery books reflect the power of “THEY.” The tourism fiction adventures highlight my love for Alabama. You can learn more about my books by CLICKING HERE

Kathryn the Speaker

Words have power – for good and for bad. I learned that lesson the hard way when words were used against me and now I seek out opportunities to use that power for good. Each week I share words of encouragement through Growing HOPE radio – syndicated throughout the United States and South Africa. The Podcast, Words of HOPE, launched in late summer of 2015. LISTEN HERE

We are not designed to do it alone. We are stronger together. We accomplish more together. Relationships are vital to everything we want or need. I began coaching people in their journeys while still in school. Today I offer personal coaching, webinars, and books to help individuals, organizations, and even families discover their unique design and then develop a plan to pursue it. MORE COACHING INFORMATION