Make Friends. Have Fun. Be Relentlessly Helpful. - Kathryn C. Lang

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Make Friends. Have Fun. Be Relentlessly Helpful.

"Whatever you are doing - it all comes back to relationships because we are stronger when we work together."

The Author

Kathryn Lang author books I like to paint a canvas of hope and possibility using words. Mystery – Adventure – Encouragement. I have always found stories of intrigue and possibility around me and now I share those stories with you. My love of words drives me to create stories, retell stories and find creative ways to Grow HOPE.

The Coach

Kathryn Lang life coach We are not designed to do it alone. We are stronger together. We accomplish more together. Relationships are vital to everything we want or need. I began coaching people in their journeys while still in school. Get Individual coaching, group coaching, or coaching for families.

The Speaker

Kathryn Lang speaker Words have power – for good and for bad. My goal it so present words in a way that will create a spark of hope or build a foundation for possibilities. I practice using the power of words for good through seminars, workshops, presentations, and podcasts. I share hope so that hope spreads and grows.

"My dad will tell you that I didn't start talking until I was two - but he'll quickly add that I haven't stopped since. He also said that if I could learn how to make money talking I would be rich (and quite a few teachers agreed).

I will tell you that I love words (and my husband will definitely agree)! And I love crafting words in ways that lift up, grow up, and power up all those that I encounter. I see the promise and the uniqueness - not just in the world around me, but in you right now!

I also know the power of words and I am determined to wield the power of words of encouragement and hope of all those I encounter."

Author - Speaker - Hopesmith

Kathryn C Lang is an Encourager Extraordinaire

Kathryn shares laughter. "Always find a way to laugh. Laughter sparks hope and once hope finds a way in then it all becomes possible."

Kathryn makes the complicated simple. "It has always been simple. We just work real heard to make it complicated."

Kathryn exposes the peculiar. "We are all unique - there are no two paths, plans, or pursuits that will be the same. I dare you to find your peculiar and to live it with boldness."

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Kathryn Lang has a passion for helping you discover your uniqueness and create a plan to pursue it with boldness. Are you ready? Contact Kathryn with the date of your event or provide some more information on the challenge that you are determined to overcome.Email Kathryn today.