March 2007 - Kathryn C. Lang

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Debt – How to Dig Your Way to Freedom

For anyone out there who has ever forgotten a payment or found themselves with more debt than their income could pay, you know how aggressive some of these creditors can be. When we found ourselves in deep debt, the calls got rude and insulting. We were blessed to be able to dig our way out […]

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Here's the Key

    I finally know the key to getting it all done.  It’s amazing just how simple it is – once you know.   It’s been an interesting road getting to this point in my life.  I’ve never been much of an organizer, cleaner, or saver.  Living for the moment seemed to be my motto […]

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No More Crutches

My husband is gone for three full days.  With an almost toddler on the loose, two highly active boys that I homeschool, and a budding writing career that takes up more time each week, many women would be panicked.  I was one of them – a few weeks ago. Yesterday during church, I determined that […]

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