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I’m having a do-over day. For the last two weeks, my husband has been busy with work and hasn’t been around very much.  I’ve pushed myself to get everything done, even without the added help.  After two weeks, I’m beginning to see just how much I need my husband around.  If for no other reason […]

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It's All So Simple

Being a good mom is simple.  All it really takes is the willingness to put aside my own needs, wants, and desires for those of my children.  It only takes having patience and understanding no matter how tired, or frustrated, or over whelmed I may become.  It is just a matter of order and organization […]

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Submission is All About Me

Being submissive to my husband is the wrong way of saying it.  I need to be submissive to my Lord, and let everything flow through that.  It’s not always fun, and it is rarely easy, but it is that simple.  I do everything like God is sitting here watching. Last night, my husband was late.  […]

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Submission is Not a Dirty Word

Submission.  It’s not a word most women like – at least not this one.  I was born stubborn and worked for years to perfect the attitude. Sometimes, I think that I’m the comic relief in the day of God.  Why else would I get to the place of perfect stubbornness, only to discover submission?  It’s […]

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Perception is Half the Battle

I am not skinny.  There has never been a time in my life (except maybe when I was a toddler) that I would say I was skinny.  Fit, maybe trim, definitely voluptuous are more the words that described my figure.  The 1950’s would have been a great time for me to grow up.  I got […]

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