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Make the Kids Lose Your Weight.

My kids are going to lose my weight for me.  The diets haven’t worked.  The exercise videos still sit calmly in their wrappers.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  It’s time to make my kids take some action. It’s not as bad as it sounds.  I’ll be doing the hard work; they’ll just be riding […]

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born to be peculiar

Be Peculiar Not Normal

“You’re not normal.” The anesthetist had known me all of twenty minutes and this is what she had to say. When my regular doctor joined the party, I told him about her comments. He GRINNED. “Oh, I could have told them that.” Such a sympathetic reply. All of this was going on in the delivery […]

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A Good Wife is Flexible

It’s not easy being a good wife, especially when you have a husband to contend with.  There are just days when his plan and my plan don’t ever mesh.  At that point, I can throw a fit and quit or just “back up and punt.”  Having grown up in a house full of men, no […]

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Boys, Cleaning, and Déjà vu

Today I experienced a serious case of déjà vu.  I was working at my computer, having spent the day with the hubby looking for a building for our next venture, when he walks in and sets some library books on my desk.  The one on top sent a shiver up my spine.  “I’ve been here […]

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Change happens by choice not chance.

How to Make Good Choices

It’s amazing how the moment you think you have it all together, it all seems to fall apart. Yesterday was so smooth. I got my work done, got the dishes and laundry done, did some cooking (and some freezing) and even did some exercising. This morning, I got up all excited about another day like […]

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Church Is Not What It Is Suppose To Be

I’m disillusioned, disappointed, or else just plain disgusted. I haven’t quite worked out the semantics yet. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m not happy with our current organized religious situation. Maybe it is the unpleasant experiences I’ve had in the past that are hindering my ability to see the here and […]

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Make Dinner a Snap

There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. I can start out with all of the good intentions – usually I get breakfast and maybe lunch done – but sooner or later the sky starts falling. I’ve decided that it is partly do me getting up before sunrise. By […]

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Money Controlled My Life

I think there is a hole in my bank account. Every month my job says the check goes to the bank. The bank statement even shows the deposit. But the balance sure doesn’t reflect the concept that I am earning anything. I’d like to say it’s just “the man” keeping me down. In reality, it’s […]

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