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Do More Than Dream

“If you want something to happen in your life then you can’t sit around and wait for it to come to you.” The words are for my husband, but they smack me pretty hard as well. There are things that I dream about and hope for, but what am I really doing to make them […]

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Be In It to Win It

Learning to get paid by posting on my blog is not going well.  There is more traffic stopping by, and I have posted a few ads, but my dream that sponsors would be beating down my door is starting to fade.  Instead of giving up, I will push on.  I will find a way (if […]

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Sharks, and Alligators, and . . . OH MY!

I’m not paranoid, I just don’t like sharks.  Because I now have children and because children have an uncanny way of copying my likes and dislikes, I’ve been working hard to overcome my deep, deep, deep, dislike of these creatures (and their land cousins). It all started with a magazine I read about the mega […]

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A Good Wife Learns to Survive the Unexpected

“This is not what I expected.  Sometimes I don’t even like being around you.”  My husband’s words shocked me into silence.  This feat of me being silent for any reason would have normally been impressive, but today it was just painful.  I wanted so much to be a good wife, and now I was finding […]

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Paul and the Ants

Ants are not my favorite creature on this great earth.  Fire ants, in particular, are high on my list of things to question God about when I get to heaven.  It doesn’t help that I saw “Phase IV” when I was a kid – a movie that has haunted me through out life. Even with […]

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Music Can Make Your Attitude

Music helps me get through those times when it would other wise be impossible. Sometimes the perfect song sneaks up on me and other times I’m searching for hope. There is just something about music that can make any moment just a little better. I’m very eclectic when it comes to music – which really […]

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Real Estate Bail Out

There is a lot of uproar over the real estate market right now.  The lenders are worried because of the rising number of homes going into foreclosure.  The borrowers are panicked because the interest rates are creeping up on loans they already can’t really afford.  Every one seems to think the government should step in […]

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