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Budget Breakthrough

The day has finally come. Our budget and our paycheck finally balance. That means that there is no more panic at the end of the month as I try to figure out what to make with a package of dried pasta and canned northern beans (soup – always a soup 😉 ). For several years, […]

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Finding Blessings While Living with Boys

My family is a blessing – even though there are days when I wonder why I don’t run away.  This morning, my oldest jumped out of the bed before the sun was even up.  He made his bed, fed his animals, and then started cleaning and organizing the front porch.  It was such a sweet […]

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Children and the Golden Rule

My children are helping out this morning and even showing their two year old brother how to do some of the chores.  I would like to take all the credit and say it’s the amazing upbringing that I have been giving them these last ten years.  The truth is, yesterday I was wondering who they […]

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Saving the Raise

My husband got a raise this month.  After taxes and added dental insurance, it is barely a blip on the pay stub.  It is a raise, though.  And I am determined that we will use it in the best way possible. 1.      We are going to save over the next year.  Each month, I am […]

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Unity in the Body

A founding member of the church, who faithfully attended services for thirty years and could always be counted on to volunteer, got sick.  The church rallied by her side – the pastor visited, the secretary sent flowers, and the congregation sent notes and cards and prepared meals for the family.  It was a good thing. […]

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Birthday Budget Secrets

Birthdays are great fun around our house. It’s also a time that can be easy to spend uncontrollably. The children deserve it – after all. The truth is that the children could care less. They just want to get together, eat some cake, and have a good time. Because the budgets have been tight in […]

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Having to Do Keeps Me from Not Doing

This is one of those days when I don’t seem to be able to get my mind in gear.  Sleep was fine – and I got plenty of it.  The house wasn’t trashed when I got up, so I didn’t start the day behind.  The weather is even nice. I would like to blame the […]

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Saving Money By Making a Menu

Budget saving ideas usually involve some organization.  My husband will be the first to raise his hand and tell you I was not born organized (or orderly – nearly drove him batty for the first 14 years of our marriage).  Since food is the place we seem to spend the most of our money, I’m […]

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Stay on Budget With Holiday Spending

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is one of those shopping seasons that seem to put everyone’s budget in a tailspin. It doesn’t have to be that way. With just some patience and a few simple tips, your budget can come out unscathed. 1. Set a budget for your shopping AND STICK WITH […]

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Weed Through Your Life

     I love to garden, or should I say that I love having a garden. Growing anything – vegetable, flowers, or shrubs – is hard work. Not only do you have to prepare the soil and then plant what ever you are going to grow, but you have to maintain it. The other day, […]

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