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You Can Do It

The race is on.  Christmas is now less than four weeks away.  Officially, we will be surviving on my income at the first of January.  My office is getting smaller as my jobs continue to multiply.  But the more I face, the more I am determined to overcome. 1.      Less is more this Christmas.  We […]

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My Big Brother

Growing up with a big brother can be tough – especially when you are a girl.  I am 3 ½ years younger than my brother.  That means when he was a senior, I was a freshman.  To make matters more difficult, he ran around with several of the guys from the football team.  Technically, I […]

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Budgets Require Patience

Sometimes it is tough to wait on something we want.  I wanted my husband when I first went out with him, but it took us eight years to work through the mess of our lives before we found our way back together.  It was worth the wait. On the flip side, it can be easier […]

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Six Steps to Living Without a Salary

This morning I re-evaluated my budget. It wasn’t planned to happen until January (I review my budget once a quarter), but with the income situation taking such a shift, and with the finances falling squarely on my shoulder, I want to know EXACTLY what I’m facing. Many people would completely panic in my position. That’s […]

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5 Things I Have Learned About Blogging

My blog is still not paying my rent.  It isn’t even buying me a pack of gum now and then.  It is one year old, and there are days when I feel like a monetized blog is as much of a myth as Jack’s magic beans. The truth may not show in the dollar signs […]

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Hundred Dollar Holiday Challenge

The public library is an amazing wealth of information – some of it even useful.  On my quest to get out 7 queries (for a novel) by Monday, I made a trip to the library to check out Steven King’s On Writing.  I came out of the library with a HUGE stack of books on […]

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10 Things to Be Thankful

It’s time to give thanks.  According to experts, people who focus on the things they are thankful for will live a longer life.  Even if it’s not accurate, the truth is that when you focus on the good, positive, and uplifting you will live a better life! 1.      My Spiritual Life – although I’m not […]

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9 Ways to Cut the Christmas Budget

Christmas is quickly closing in on me.  I’ve put off shopping as long as I can.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the crowds will expand exponentially when the sales hit the floor.  With our monetary situation tighter than expected, I’m looking to make a few cuts in budget.  I still want to be a blessing, but […]

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Budget During Crisis

There is one way you are sure to never successfully overcome a problem – and that is to try and ignore it.  Even if you can bury it for a while, it will find a way to dig itself to freedom.  This is especially true with finances. Recently we went from a household income of […]

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New Thanksgiving Tradition

Either I have completely lost my mind, or I have grown in ways even I didn’t know.  My ten year old son and my eight year old son are cooking Thanksgiving Dinner (with some assistance from mom). The Plan Each of the boys will be responsible for two side dishes and one dessert – not […]

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