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Somebody Has it Worse

Just when I think I have taken all I can take, someone else comes along that has it far worse than I do and I realize I can take so much more than I have to. It’s been a crazy week! First the water line broke on Christmas Eve – which meant we spent part […]

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Submission is a Good Thing

I am not where I am supposed to be, but at least I am not where I was. Today, most people would refer to me as passive. If I am wronged, I will seek to correct it, but it will not steal my peace and joy. If I can’t resolve it then I trust that […]

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Reflection During the Holidays

The Chaos is coming – the chaos is coming! It officially begins today. We have my son’s birthday party this afternoon after which we will decorate the house, tomorrow is fairly light – except that I agreed to teach Sunday school to a bunch of 8 year old boys, and then Monday we have a […]

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9 Ways to Find the Perfect Story

Writing can be a tough gig. When your muse packs up and takes a vacation, finding inspiration can be almost impossible. Whether you are writing fiction in any genre or tackling an order for 20 how-to articles, the idea for the story may already be right before your eyes. 1. Look at your business cards […]

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21 Days to a Clean Home

How I feel is no reason for not doing what I know to do. It IS an excuse, but those are a dime a dozen and don’t really mean anything. The truth is that if I’ll just do what I know to do then it usually over comes my feelings anyway. I’ve challenged my family […]

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Top 10 Things that Stop Success

There are days when I wake up ready to take on the world. My sink is clean and the coffee is already brewing. Then the distractions start – usually something small to begin with – and before I know it the day is gone and I have accomplished nothing! Today is one of those that […]

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Blog Fixes Could Make the Money Roll In

There is only one thing I want for Christmas this year and that is to finally figure out how to make money off of MY blog without compromising my integrity. 😀 Do you think Santa is internet savvy enough to grant me this wish? It’s been a year now and I’ve still not made any […]

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Get a Real Job

Yesterday I had this conversation: “Hello, this is Kathryn.” “Hey, what are you doing?” “Working.” “I didn’t know you worked.” “Well, I’m a writer.” “I knew you did that, but I didn’t know you, like, went to a real job.” The most amazing thing about this conversation is that it is not the first time […]

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Writers Block - Successful Freelance Writer

5 Keys to Break the Block

Writers aren’t as peculiar as most people make us out to be. Okay, we are peculiar. But we are also like everyone else in the world (even if it is only mildly). There are days when we just don’t want to do what we need to do. Maybe our bodies are determined to write, but […]

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More Tips for a Saving Holiday

Our hundred dollar holiday is working out okay. We went beyond just one hundred dollars, but I knew that with groceries it probably would. Still, we will make it in under $300 for everything this year. Wow! I still feel like I’m not giving enough, even though each child has a nice gift and some […]

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