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Just Say Yes

There is a movie out with Jim Carey called “the Yes Man.” I have no idea what it’s about or how good the movie is or isn’t, but I get the idea that he is saying yes to everything. I’m tackling that in my own life. It may sound crazy but it’s changing my attitude […]

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Spending My Time

It dawned on me this morning that every moment of my time is spent. If I make $50 per hour and I spend two hours surfing channels of reruns then I have just spent $100 doing nothing. The shock motivated me to do a little more. I was determined to get right to work when […]

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Writing with Passion

How do you write a great novel? You just cut open a vein and let the words come out. It’s not an exact quote, but it does convey much of what writing is about. A good story requires a plot, a setting and a voice (to name a few elements) but there has to be […]

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Dream a Little Dream

Contests are a great way to stretch a budget – IF you win. They can also be a bit of torment when you are left behind with nothing but your big plans and an empty wallet. Still, the ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom are helping to make the season brighter with giveaways during […]

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Never Fear

There are few things that can stop action as quickly as fear. It seems to have a paralyzing effect no matter what the fear is from. IN the case of daily living fear often keeps me from trying. It is safer to stay in the known and comfortable even if it is not all that […]

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Encourage One Another

Yesterday was a tough day. It started pleasant enough, but then everyone else in the house got up. I had to escape or snap so I went to pay bills before attending my Positive Moms group at church. The group is a hodge-podge of women from the community (many that do not attend the church […]

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Tax Tips for Freelance and WAH

The end of the year means that tax season is right around the corner. I’m not waiting this year. It is much less stressful if I already have everything I could possibly need in order, in files and ready to go. It also allows me to file early and get it over with. Here are […]

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Kids and Christmas

Teaching kids about the true meaning of Christmas can be tough these days. Their minds are bombarded with images of self indulgence – even the emblem of the Santa Claus is focused on giving the good little girls and boys the wishes on their lists. It’s all about what I can have! It may be […]

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The End is Near

There are only a few more weeks left in 2008 and I have NOT completely my resolutions from New Years. It is so easy to put off doing what I know to do and even think the excuses are legitimate: I need to sweep the floor I have to watch this news report I have […]

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