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Learning Self-Discipline Leads to Success

What is it about doing the right thing that is so difficult? I’m sitting here looking over the steps I need to take to change my world (because I WANT to change my world) and I trip all over number 5 – self-discipline. I don’t even like having to discipline others so how am I […]

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Budgeting for a Writer's Income

Very few writer’s have stable incomes – the kind where they get a specific amount every week or every month. Instead, the income is based on the number of articles that are written and sold (and sometimes when those articles are printed). It is still possible to budget for such and uncertain amount of money. […]

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Teach the Children Well

Telling your children what they need to know for a successful and happy life means nothing if your actions don’t back it up. The whole idea of “do what I say, not what I do” is insane. Children are more apt to follow your lead then they are to follow you advice. This has been […]

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The Shocking Truth About My Husband

My husband has always made me wonder – just a little, in the back of my mind. Something just wasn’t quite right. For fourteen years I have suspected, but now I know the truth. My husband is a thief. Last night (actually early this morning), I caught him. The really sly thing (and probably one […]

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3 Keys to Success

If you could plant subliminal messages in your mind that would help you achieve success, would you do it? The power of suggestion is an incredible tool that most of us never utilize on our own minds. Even more of us use it without even knowing it. Take the athlete (casual or professional). The coach […]

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Remember the Good Times

It’s time I started a happy journal. There needs to be a place where I record all of my blessings for the day – no matter how big or how small. Like the time I was going to eat some cookies (even though I had just finished lunch and WASN’T hungry) and the phone rang. […]

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Peculiar Ideas for the New Year

Something peculiar has happened at my home. Here we are in day nine of the New Year and I’m still focused on the goals I set at the end of last year. Wow! I’ve even managed to accomplish one of them (finished my synopsis even though it still needs some serious tweaking). One of the […]

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4 Steps to Make Things Happen

There are few people who truly DON’T want to succeed in life. Most of the people I know that aren’t successful are there because of choices they make. If you want to make things happen in your life, you have to be ready to put something into it. Think Positive Things Someone once told me […]

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Finding Motivation

I can not put off until tomorrow what I need to do today because tomorrow will have enough of its own without me having to play catch up. It doesn’t matter how quiet my day is suppose to be. With three boys, three dogs, three cats, and one husband, every day has something going on. […]

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