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Dominate Your Internet Niche Market

To be successful in any industry you have to establish yourself (or your company) at the top of that industry. Consumers need to look to you for advice or information about that particular market. The internet is no different. Some of the people who are raking in the big dough are those that have established […]

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Living Positive in a Negative World

It is possible to live a positive life even with negative people all around you. It is POSSIBLE, but it ain’t easy!!!! I live with several negative people around me every day. I see the half full glass and they see the need to buy milk at incredibly expensive prices and paying out the ear […]

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Selling What You Write

Being a successful freelance writer is a bit like being a good salesman. There are tips and techniques you can take from the sales world and apply to your life as a writer. For most of us the goal is to make a living doing what we love and enjoy and all the help we […]

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Two Sides to Every Situation

No matter what the circumstances may look like – no matter how cloudy the skies, how messed up the schedule or how many problems try to make it seem different – today WILL be a good day. It’s not about my situation (although everything I have faced this morning would be a reasonable excuse for […]

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Positive People Live Longer

There was a report on the news recently that positive people live longer and are better at overcoming heart disease. Experts have their theories about why this is likely. It has a lot to do with the physical. Although I fully believe that positive people will be in better physical shape, I think it all […]

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Make Money with Freelance Writing

Every writing conference I have ever attended was weighted down by people who wanted to be able to make a living writing. I am one of those people. I choose workshops and events that are going to help me increase my productivity in the marketplace. It is possible to make a living while freelance writing. […]

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Starting Off Right

There are days when you wake up and feel like you are already behind. Today was one of those days for me. I feel like I’m running uphill in sinking sand – pumping hard, but hardly making a dent. Every time I complete task one, three more seem to pop up in its place. It’s […]

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6 Tips to Getting it All Done

It is possible to get everything done that you have on your list for this week. If you are like me, your to-do list reads more like a short story than a list. Every time you look at it, things mysteriously add on. It just keeps growing. But it is possible to finish your to-do […]

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Growing Patience

Patience is a virtue, but when it comes to dealing with the cable company it can be a miraculous event. Three months ago I put down a payment to get cable to may house (there aren’t enough customers for the cable company to bare the expense). Three weeks ago they started the whole “we’ll be […]

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Breaking Free From Debt

There is no good debt. I have heard (and read) many experts say that a good debt is one that increases in value – like a home. The truth is that even those debts are ultimately bad for you and for your future. 1. Debt enslaves. You are forced into the terms of the lender […]

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