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High Speed and Cable Conspiracy

IF I believed in conspiracies then I would think the cable company was out to drive me crazy. After several years of being told I was “unserviceable,” my hubby and I determined it was time to bite the bullet and become “serviceable.” It cost an arm and a leg to get them to run cable […]

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Freelance Writer for Hire

10 Reasons You Should Hire Me! After reading some blogs around the Web, I’ve discovered that the best way to make money as a freelance writer is to sell my abilities and proficiency as said writer. Today I am asking you to hire me! 1. You will be working with a freelance writer that produces […]

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Free Money Around the Home

Everyone wants something for nothing. Free is a word that will get your attention. Free money really perks up the ears – but there’s always that cautious nature that looks for the fine print. The truth is that we all have free money sitting around our homes today. 1. Dig out that old “Add-a-bead” necklace […]

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Rejection is a Good Thing

Most people feel that rejection is bad. I’ve learned better. Rejection is the catalyst that makes me refocus and re-motivate my life goals. Rejection is the one thing that can make me take a firm look at where I am (and where I am headed) and give me the courage (or discouragement) to turn in […]

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Top 5 Steps for Change

A sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different. Every person that is alive today tends to be insane in some area of life. Work is the same, speck is the same, attitude is the same, eating is the same and yet there is an expectation of change. […]

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The Forgotten Armor

Every morning our whole family puts on the Whole Armor of God. Even the two year old is learning the process (although he always wants to skip to the boots of the gospel of peace). We go through the process of pretending to physically put on the spiritual armor usually at the breakfast table (first […]

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Top 10 Ways to Be a Good Wife

This article and the comments that have followed have all been relocated to Proverbs31Life.com. The content on this site has transformed to writing specific and is designed to help writers develop a freelance career. Please follow the link to read the post “Top 10 Ways to Be a Good Wife” and join in the discussion […]

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Living the Dream

We are blessed – with our health, with our home and especially with our finances. Few people can walk away from the only steady income a family has and turn out to be more financially blessed because of it. Just a few years back, it would no have been possible. We struggled hard to get […]

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More Ways to Earn Money Without a Job

Six months ago, we began an experiment we didn’t see coming. When a turn of events took away our main income – and only regular paycheck, it would have been easy to panic. There were several nights when I think that’s exactly what I did. But worry won’t get you very far and every problem […]

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