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Steps to Being a Good Wife

Being a good wife is not as difficult as it may seem. You can be the super-mom, loving wife, and all around perfect woman with just a few key ideas in your arsenal. Sure, you have to live with a husband, put up with the kids, and find a way to juggle sensuality and sensibility […]

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Making Good Choices

It’s amazing how the moment you think you have it all together, it all seems to fall apart. Yesterday was so smooth. I got my work done, got the dishes and laundry done, did some cooking (and some freezing) and even did some exercising. This morning, I got up all excited about another day like […]

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I am Perfect

My pastor made the mistake of asking who in the room was perfect and I was quick to raise my hand. “In the blood of Jesus, I am perfect.” He wasn’t impressed (and used me as a reference for many months to come) and he really didn’t get where I was coming from. Over 2000 […]

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Make Money with a Blog

This blog is getting regular visitors – although nothing like some of the sites that I visit. And there has even been an offer to run some ads on the site – although the offer was almost insulting. It makes me wonder if it’s possible to have a website that makes money that doesn’t focus […]

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How to Become a Good Wife

I am a good wife, in my mind anyway. I want to do the things that will push me to the head of the class. I want to cook three meals a day, keep the house spick and span, and entertain. It just seems that my wants have a hard time keeping up with reality. […]

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Three Simple Steps

There are three simple keys to making any relationship work: 1. submission 2. sacrifice 3. serving I didn’t say that they were easy keys, I said they were simple. If you focus on what YOU are or what YOU are not doing in a relationship, you will find that relationship becomes easier (even if the […]

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Paul and the Ants

Ants are not my favorite creature on this great earth. Fire ants, in particular, are high on my list of things to question God about when I get to heaven. It doesn’t help that I saw “Phase IV” when I was a kid – a movie that has haunted me through out life. Even with […]

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Keep On Keeping On

God is definitely at work in my life right this second. While doing my bible study this morning, I “stumbled over” an old entry in my journal. It’s all about getting started and pushing through. It relates to Paul and his many comparisons about athletes. 1. You have to practice – consistently – even if […]

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Submission is All About Me

Being submissive to my husband is the wrong attitude. I need to be submissive to my Lord, and let everything flow through that. It’s not always fun, and it is rarely easy, but it is that simple. I do everything like God is sitting here watching. Last night, my husband was late. He didn’t call. […]

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