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Lift Each Other Up

The other day was a hard day. Besides being physically tired, my entire being felt completely beat down. It was time to quit (quit writing, quit cleaning and basically quit trying since I seemed to be moving backwards anyway). My normally positive side had definitely gone on vacation. Fortunately I was blessed that an IM […]

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No More Falls

This is one of those days where everything that I see is pointing to what I need to change. The irony is that I already know what I need to change but I just can’t seem to get me to cooperate and move in the right direction. Procrastination and laziness have dominated my work life. […]

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Word Wednesday

Living Positive in a Negative World

It is possible to live a positive life even with negative people all around you. It is POSSIBLE, but it ain’t easy!!!! I live with several negative people around me every day. I see the half full glass and they see the need to buy milk at incredibly expensive prices and paying out the ear […]

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Top 5 Steps for Change

A sure sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different. Every person that is alive today tends to be insane in some area of life. Work is the same, speck is the same, attitude is the same, eating is the same and yet there is an expectation of change. […]

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There is Always an Excuse

This is one of those days where I started behind and I just seem to be running in sand. The harder I try to get caught up the farther behind I fall. It wouldn’t be so bad if this day wasn’t normal for my routine instead of something that only happens periodically. It’s hard keeping […]

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Push Your Desires Closer to Reality

The Southern Christian Writer’s Conference was held last month and I was once again blessed to be able to attend. There are always a number of small teaching sessions provided on a number of topics (which I enjoy) but I go for the contacts and the motivation as much as I do anything else. This […]

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My Debt Will Enslave My Children

When people start thinking about their debt, they are usually focused on their own future. Very few people understand how their own spending habits will affect the lives of their children. The truth is that your debt will put a burden on your children. The higher the debt, the more enslaved your children will become […]

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Ten tips

Top 10 Ways to Be a Good Wife

There are a lot of theories about how to be a good wife. Some are distorted interpretations of one religious doctrine or another. Some are tradition handed down for generations without any rhyme or reason (or for reasons that have long been forgotten). The best way to be a good wife is to be a […]

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Debt Pushers

The ringing phone seemed innocent enough, so I answered it. There was no hint of menace in the tone of the voice on the other end. But as his words continued to tumble over the line, I knew that this was a trap. It was yet another credit card offer – promising all kinds of […]

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