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Hold on to the Joy

Tuesday is my Positive Moms get together. We aren’t all positive moms, but we are all working together to get there. Today was amazing. I felt refreshed and ready to take on the world when I got home. I even took time to sit with some of the other mothers for lunch – reaching out […]

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How to Make a Plan to Pursue Success

The first step in any business should be the formulation of a business plan. Creating a plan helps you to guide your choices today and tomorrow. It should have several key points: Mission statement Vision statement Values Strategic Plan Executive summary Market analysis Marketing strategy Budget Mission Statement This is a one or two sentence […]

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The Gauntlet is Thrown

I committed a couple of weeks back to get rid of my excess weight and to be health and fit once again. Today my husband took that commitment to a whole new level – one that involves public display, YIKES! The conversation started out safe enough. He was telling me all about how he was […]

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Successful Freelance Writer

Earning a Freelance Income You can Survive On

Many people avoid freelance because of the uncertainty of income. That is completely understandable. I started into freelance writing as a way to ADD income to our household. It was only about three months into my serious pursuit of a freelance career that my husband left his job and our family became dependent on the […]

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Proverbs Women Depend on God

God should be my dependence. It’s just hard not to rely on someone whom you trust for things that person commits to. So disappointment is natural when that person fails to follow through. I get upset with myself for turning my dependence away from God. I get frustrated with the person for not doing what […]

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Is it me?

Today is one of those days when I feel like I have it all together. I’m handling the temper tantrums with peace. My quiet time was just the right length. The only thing that I have accomplished this morning is the chore list. It’s been just over an hour since I came in from my […]

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Playing Games with Finances

Our household has been a much more peaceful place over the last several weeks. My husband and I have instituted the “Buck System.” Each child earns bucks through the week by doing choirs, doing things that are asked the first time and having a good attitude. They lose bucks with misbehavior or they spend them […]

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7 Steps to a Proverbs 31 Life

It seems easy to make the decision that focuses on self. It is the natural thing to do. But one look at the life of a person that lives that way proves that living for self is not an easier life – in some ways it becomes more complicated. I am determined to live a […]

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