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Proverbs 31 Living Daily

Being the Proverbs 31 woman comes easily to me. I jump out of bed and get most of my writing work accomplished before the sun makes it up over the mountain. Completing my work early gives me plenty of time to start chores as I rouse the rest of the house. Breakfast almost cooks itself […]

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Successful New Year Resolutions

That time of resolutions has crept up once again. People are busy planning the things that they will do and accomplish in the year to come. Many will have already tossed the list aside before the New Year even rings in. Others will make it a week or two before calling it quits. Creating goals, […]

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Too Busy Writing to Write

The last couple of weeks flew right by me. Two birthday parties, Christmas meals and the determination to get my writing back on track left me with a hole in my writing. I was so busy trying to get all my writing done for everything else that I forgot all about writing here. Do you […]

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Why you do What you do

Passion drives purpose. Unlock your passion and you will find that you can pursue your purpose with a boldness that you never even knew you had. There are so many people walking around right now that are following a talent or an education but have never discovered that passion. Each person has moments that ignite […]

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Balance the Schedule during the Holidays

Chaos settles in around our home during the holiday season. Carefully constructed schedules crumble to the wayside. Parties, plays and shopping all join forces to force to go off list. It can be frustrating and annoying particularly when I am attempting to start fresh and new in preparation for the New Year. Times might now […]

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Preparing for the New Year

That time has shown up again. I must review my challenges from last year and then clean the slate to start fresh this year. The first step it to review my list from this past January. I will confess right now that I DID NOT succeed in three out of five of my goals. • […]

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Oozing Inspiration

Tough times found their way to my front door. Finances tighten up by the moment. Frustration builds in a spouse trying to find his way (or a job – or both). The holidays only serve to put a spotlight on all of the struggles. But, it is okay. This morning I woke up knowing that […]

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Discovering Your Writing Dream

Asking people about their dreams brings me a bit of delight. My question always comes in a phrase similar to “what do you want to be when you grow up.” My thinking is that as long as you are pursuing your dreams then you are never really grown up. Dreams keep you alive and young. […]

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Out Giving God

My friend needed help getting some work done because of a medical crisis. I told the editor to pay my friend instead of sending the money to me. I did the work to help my friend, not to gain a paycheck. Three days ago another friend asked if I would like a computer. A new […]

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