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How to Change a Community and a Church

Today I witnessed a change that I would never have deemed possible. It started small but is crawling through out the community with surprising force. It is simple enough and yet I never saw it before – change the men and you change the church and the community. It would be great if it were […]

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Getting Blog Traffic

It seems that for every one step I take forward, I’m sliding back about five. My origional website – www.kathrynlang.com – was starting to build up some regular traffic. The problem was it was not very focused and so it covered budgets, freelance writing, blogging, family, religion, and more. I decided to narrow the topic […]

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Freelance Writing in 5 Steps

Freelance writing is not for everyone, but it is possible for anyone to be a freelance writer. It may sound like a contradiction, but it isn’t really. Like any self employment opportunity, becoming a freelance writer takes some specific gift, talents and personality traits that might not be necessary when working in a salary position […]

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I Hate Blogger

There are thousands of great blogs out there and some of them are hosted on Blogger. I am sure that it is a great format, but I was brought into the blogging world with WordPress and I’ve never strayed. Visiting and commenting on other blogs is an important part of building my own website. They […]

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How to Hear From God

Hearing from God is not just for special, select individuals. God desires that each and every one of His children have a personal and intimate relationship that allows them to communicate with Him freely. But hearing from God does require that we take “self” out of the equation. Shut your mouth and open your ears. […]

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Meat Eaters and Milk Drinkers

Growing up is tough. I know very few people who are willing to go back and do it all again. The truth is that we ARE going through it all again and there is no way to avoid it. Although the physical body may be full grown, the spiritual body may just be getting started. […]

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