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Theme Change on a Blog

Learning Html is not my priority in life. There always seems like there are more important things that MUST be done and usually right this moment. I actually know just enough Html to get me and my website into trouble (and to annoy the folks that host my blogs). It would be nice to find […]

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Recognizing a Need for Encouragement

Everyone wants to be encouraged, but some people are in more need than others. It is just as important to learn how to recognize discouragement in the people around you so that you can discover how to lift them up. Discouragement Means Approaching Life Without Courage 1. Discouragement comes from fatigue. Being tired makes it […]

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Setting Priorities for Life

The times are fast and time is crowded. There is always something going on and the pace makes time slip away almost with out notice. Finding a life of peace and contentment requires uncovering the things that are truly important for you life. Determining What is Important 1. Head – Make a list of those […]

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Defeating Failure

Failure is mocking my actions. The focus falls on the negative any time failure is at the center of attention. The past crawls up and steals the future and paralyzes the present. Failure may happen but there are ways that I can survive and overcome the domino effect that can come from failure. 1. Failure […]

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Finding Personal Fulfillment

It is important that each of us live a life that is fully satisfied and completely fulfilled. This is the life that God has designed for His children. The great thing about His plan is that He is also he provider. Things Needed for Personal Fulfillment 1. Acceptance – I need to feel that I […]

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Steps to Faith

It is time to step out and do those things that you know you are suppose to be doing. Change can be scary. Unknown change can cause you to freeze in fear. But finding faith and walking in that faith will help you take those steps with out being slowed by fear. 1. Faith requires […]

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