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Freelance Writing Basics – Markets

There are so many different ways for freelance writers to earn income over the internet that I’m still discovering some of them. And just when you think you have it all figured out then a new media outlet will appear and new opportunities will arise. Internet freelance writing offers a wealth of opportunities. You are […]

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Proverbs 31 Opinion Question

The report of a mom who put out two bickering children to make them walk has made the news headlines. The first report I heard was that she had put her children out on the highway. During that same report it talked about the mom driving around the block before coming back to pick up […]

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Giving up TV Could Make You Rich

Saving Advice had a great article about dumping TV and making more money. I found the article through one of the guys that I follow on Twitter. The basis of the article is that we each spend WAY TOO much time watching television. I know I’m guilty. It got me thinking that if I were […]

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Magical, Mystical Mom

Moms are amazing – and I’m not just saying that because I am one myself. It is a wonder how much time, energy and physical discomfort that moms endure to get their children here on earth only to spend more time and energy and physical discomfort keeping them here once they arrive. Most moms spend […]

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Making the Most of Time

There is so much I want to do and so many things that need my attention. Spring seems to bring on overwhelming number of chores, events and activities – garden, grass, baseball, conferences, workshops, performances and on and on. I’m almost afraid to even look at the summer calendar. The other day I found a […]

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Think Fast

There are plenty of scripture that point in the direction of a fast. A fast is used to bring focus to my walk and my purpose and it goes well beyond abstaining from food or other items. Steps to a Fast 1. Pray about the purpose. There should be a reason for a fast that […]

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Bury Me Naked

It all started in the Garden of Eden. First sin causes us to have the urge to cover up. We are taught from the word go to put on clothes. The only problem is that once we accept Christ as the Savior and begin to walk the path that we are called to we are […]

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Twitter vs Reality

My mom told me that as a child I had a habit of bringing home every stray in my path – and she quickly added that I never outgrew the habit (she was commenting on my taste in guys at the time). I admit that I made some bad choices along the way which is […]

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