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Great Job – Apply Today

We are looking for the best candidate to fill a position in our company. On the job training is possible but some experience is preferred. The ideal candidate will be responsible for the following elements in the organization: • Setting all daily schedules; shuffling appointments and meetings to allow for timely arrivals; maintaining separate calendars […]

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31 Day Challenge – See the Light

There are only three days left on my sheet to check off. Yesterday was the first day that I did not write something about my experience and that’s because I was busy checking off those blocks. Even spending most of the day away from home I still got them all checked off. It feels better […]

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31 Day Challenge – Day 23 Oops

Normally I update first thing in the morning, but this morning started off late. My body did not even want to get up but I made it. Although everything has been checked off my list and more got done today than I would have imagined possible AND the family has been calm and cool the […]

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