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5 Steps to an Extraordinary Life

Today can be an ordinary day or it can be the beginning of something extraordinary. The difference lies in attitude. Refuse to approach today like you have every other time and the difference is crossed. Tips for Living an Extraordinary Life 1. Expectation – God is ready to move in my life. I have to […]

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Give Me Revelation

My heart carries a heavy burden. For the last two years my freelance writing has carried the family. Actually, if I admit the truth, God has carried us through these last two years and my freelance writing has only been one of the conduits that He has used. But things are hard right now. We […]

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Freelance Writing Concerns – Am I Good Enough

My freelance writing career seems to be puttering along well enough. The trouble is that my freelance writing INCOME has sputtered. It makes me wonder if I am good enough to pursue this dream. When other sites are getting thousands of readers each day and me, well, not so much, then I wonder and worry […]

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Avoiding Stupid

Every writer I know has hit the send button only to realize that they just sent the query to the right editor with the wrong magazine name or they missed an essential part of the submission requirements. Cyberspace does not deal kindly with such mistakes. There is no getting back what is already flying around […]

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Staying on Task with Freelance Writing

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I often ask this to people who have just graduated from college, finished continuing education or made some other major change in their lives. The last few weeks I have been thinking about this question with regards to my freelance writing. Making money with my […]

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Things Hinder Blessings

There are six glass or crystal bowls in my cabinet. This does not include the nice plastic, ceramic and silver bowls in my other cabinet. I love to entertain, but even I think this is a bit over the top. I’m going to blame it on our wedding (even if it was almost 15 years […]

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Lessons to Learn from Sampson

Sampson lived on the edge. He was a man devoted to God by his parents. He looked the part of devotion but he never fully embraced the devotion for himself. He chose to walk the edge of obedience and disobedience and it cost him his life and cost the life of the people around him […]

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The Write Purpose

Each person has been created for a purpose. The trick is uncovering that purpose. I tell others (and try to follow myself) that if you will discover your true passion it will lead to your purpose. Writing is my gift but sharing good, positive and uplifting thoughts that will encourage others and help others encourage […]

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