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Writing the Perfect Presentation

The computer screen hums at me. The keyboard just stares. I have an encouragement presentation in just two days and I have NO IDEA what to write. Encouraging others is difficult when you are struggling to encourage self. But even worse is the growing pressure that you HAVE to encourage someone. What to do? All […]

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Winner of the Free Book

Time has flow and the contest has ended. It was our first giveaway here at Successful Freelance Writer but it was well worth it. There were some fun comments about getting known before getting a book deal. We put all the names of those who left comments into a hat and drew out the winning […]

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Finding My Encouragement to Encourage

My day will be filled with completing the nine pages I need for my presentation along with the handouts that I want to have prepared. The talk focuses on encouragement. The forces conspired to defeat my encouragement this morning because it is hard (if not impossible) for a discouraged person to be encouraging. The morning […]

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Freelance Writing Priority

“If I had a reason to get up then I would probably get up earlier.” The words were not my own but I could have easily put them into a phrase as well that deals with my freelance writing. Mine would have been about getting paid to write or having a place to write or […]

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Dare to be Peculiar

“You are not normal.” This statement tends to follow me no matter where I go. It makes me smile because I KNOW that I am not normal. I am not like other people. My husband will tell you that I don’t live in the same neighborhood as other people – and I’m okay with that. […]

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Understanding SEO, Blogging and Social Networks

Being a Proverbs 31 woman is tough enough without adding in modern technology. There are days when I think I finally have a grasp on things only to discover that I am completely clueless. Take this website for instance, I THOUGHT I was doing good – building my visitors, adding quality content and things of […]

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Making a Living Writing

My family lives off my writing income. One year ago that was fine. As the economy declined so did my income. It has been TOUGH to survive these economic times on a writing income. I still believe that a determined freelance writer can make a living writing – on the internet, in print or with […]

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The Proverbs 31 Dare

Things have changed. All you have to do is eaves drop on a conversation where some of the speakers are over 60. Things move faster, kids get older sooner and there are no manners any more. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. It is time to be the glimmer of hope […]

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Live Passion or Live Excuses

Life comes about from a series of choices. The good choices lead to opportunities and blessings. The bad choices lead to negative consequences and troubles. Everyone has the ability and the opportunity to live a life of good choices. Our home resounds with the concept that one excuse is just as good as the next. […]

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Building a Spring of Encouragement

Being encouraging requires a positive attitude and an up-lifting focus. It can be tough being an encouragement when the people around you are sucking your own encouragement spring dry (without making any deposits of encouragement into your spring of positive thinking). The good news comes when you discover that your encouragement and your ability to […]

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