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Becoming a Full Time Writer

Expectations and obligations come with writing as a business. No longer can it just be about words on the paper. Time, money and location all become a factor. Several months ago I was privilege to give a workshop about writing basics. The attendees jumped write in with questions about their own writing and the presentation […]

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Writing Goals

Writing comes from the heart but must be directed by the mind. Goals are valuable tools to map out a path to passion and purpose when it comes to a writing career. It helps to know where you are going so that you can recognize when you get there (and when you get off track). […]

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Dare to Live a Consecrated Life

Happening changed my life, my mind and my heart. The experience overwhelmed me at seventeen and I can still feel the vibrations at this moment. Those that have never experiences Happening my have participated in Cursillo or the Emmaus walk – both are similar. That weekend God set me aside. I felt it in every […]

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Provision and Protection Perfect Love Trait Three

Feeling safe and secure should be a normal part of every life. Most people struggle to find these elements in each day. The perfect love promises to fulfill the needs but even more important that the promise is the reality of the completion of provision and protection. God Always Provides and Protects 1. God gives […]

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Tips for Writing on Busy Days

Writing must be a priority in my life if I want to expand my writing career. Some days that is just not a possibility. There are too many other things that have to be done for me to get word on written. Or is that just an excuse? I recently covered the topic of busy […]

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Writing is Not Always about Writing

My writing is not just about me or about my writing for that matter. Sometimes there are unexpected consequences to pursuing my writing career. The last several Novembers I have jumped into NaNoWriMo with both feet – well, I have signed up to participate. Last year I boldly proclaimed that I would finish my second […]

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Make Your Point

Speaking and writing are different animals. The sooner I realize that the easier it will be to write what I am going to speak. The key to speaking is to make my point, tell a story, make my point, tell a story, make my point, tell a story, make my point – get the picture? […]

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Writing is an Action Word

All that you need to do to be a writer is to write. It sounds simple but that does not mean that it is easy. There are days when I can go all day without writing one single word unless you count tweets. Writing requires a consistent commitment to words. If I am not writing […]

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A Perfect Love Trait #2

Women enjoy those men of confidence. Usually they are the captain of the sports team or president of the class. Fear does not seem to have a place in their lives and that gives the women with them a little boost of residual confidence. God is confident in not only who He is but also […]

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Writing Full Time

Writing full time does not mean that I am writing for pay of every word that touches the paper (or computer screen). Building a freelance writing career requires many words that are written for my own benefit or for free exposure. Some writing is like the years spent at school to get a college degree. […]

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