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From Ordinary to Extraordinary

What a difference a day makes. Although I have been determined to get a schedule and stay ON that schedule, the holidays have not cooperated. Yesterday I muddled through only to find that at the end of the day I was still short (and not just in my height for those who know me and […]

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singing cat

Writing Challenge for December 19, 2010

The holidays can become overwhelming – particularly when the Christmas carols start blaring over the radio before the Thanksgiving turkey is even roasting over an open fire. Keep in the true spirit of the season by making some of those carols all your own. I had the chance to share one of my own concoctions […]

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Make Writing Connections

The last days of this year are ticking down, and the excitement for the New Year has already started building for me. My business plan for developing my writing career has kicked off in spades, with several eBooks already hitting the internet! The newsletters and giveaways on my blogs have helped to increase the subscribers. […]

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Missed Opportunity

Last week I wrote about the competition over at The Knight Agency. Last night, I prepared for the event by reviewing my three pages, creating a post to be cut and pasted and even setting three alarms. This morning, I pushed two wrong buttons that resulted in my post landing at number 140. I missed […]

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mousetrap with cheese

Mouse Trap Lessons

The other morning a small mouse ran through my kitchen. We live in the woods, so mice are not out of the ordinary when winter rolls around. They have always had the decency to stay in the walls in the past, but last year they developed a boldness that drove me crazy. My oldest son […]

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journey down the road - cropped

Writing Challenge for November 28

Characters take a story to its ultimate end. Great characters result in great content – most of the time. The more I know about my character then the easier it will be to follow that character down the path of the story. How well do you know your characters? This week the challenge will be […]

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love birds

Speed Date to Your Novel

One of these days my novel will be completed or at least the completed novel will be completely edited. I imagine some days that the words will multiply on the paper like the dust bunnies under my bed. The delusion lasts seconds because the reality of a writing career is that you have to write. […]

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finger painting

7 Tips for Creative Writing

Writing can be tough on good days and nearly impossible on bad days. I can usually manage a few words for a blog or a personal essay, but fiction can stop me in my tracks. Over the years, I have found some tips and tricks to help jump start my writing when the coals are […]

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