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Little Misses Make Big Messes

The other day I wrote about ignoring problems and how that “ignor-ance” will only lead to more problems. I left off discussing health and did not even think about it until today. There are times when something little happens in your body, a cough or sniffle maybe. It is a sure sign that trouble waters […]

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Noodle Issues

“There you go noodling again.” The marriage class my husband and I took did benefit our relationship greatly. It taught us to see things from a different perspective. The lessons gave us opportunities to discuss our lives, issues and circumstances without being prompted by chaos. It was all good, until about the 1000th time I […]

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persistence to overcome with Kathryn Lang

Ignore the Problem

Ignore the problem and it will go away. This thought was first suggested by someone who does not have children. Problems are like children. They are persistent in their desires are determined to get your attention one way or another. Ignoring a problem will only guarantee you more problems to add to the list. Finances […]

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One Free Idea Available Today

Chris Brogan posted on Twitter the challenge to give away one secret or one free big idea by the end of the day. My first reaction came from a place of negative thinking. What can I offer you? But I do not live in the negative. The positive side has my permanent dwelling. I have […]

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christmas mess

Give Control Away

Once upon a time there lived a wife that desired to make everything work out just the way she wanted. Each morning she made a plan that included the things that needed to be done and she allotted the exact amount of time that it would take to complete the tasks. Days, weeks and months […]

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Turn Problems to Praise

A mouth full of praise has no room to talk about others. My morning starts with bible study and the last few months my husband and another couple have been sharing a journey through a daily devotional that we moms did several years back. I found my notebook from that first study and have been […]

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3-11-10 faith and law

Balancing Laws and Faith

This world where we dwell runs on rules and laws. Our Father supersedes those rules and laws – such as gravity, time and even death – but not just all willy nilly. He is an orderly God. We walk in this world and with a contentious awareness of the rules and laws. The power of […]

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Raising the Bar to Excellence

Being exceptional requires pushing beyond the expected. Reaching a level of extraordinary comes from the dedication to stretch beyond the normal. If I want to have the level of success that I desire in my writing then I have to be willing to go beyond what I am doing at this moment. Choose to Raise […]

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Keys to a Good Home

I am no June Cleaver. There has never been any desire in any part of my body to vacuum my house in a dress, heels, and pearls. Making my bed every morning is something I have only recently mastered (and I usually just get out of bed first so my husband has to do it). […]

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Success Brings Failure

The successful freelance writer can get so caught up in doing the same ole same ole that she misses the fine line. That happened to me just the other day. I got a project request that touched on a subject near and dear to my heart so I jumped on it. There was plenty of […]

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