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Breaking Free of Darkness

Lately, I felt like I was walking up the dark path with the aid of lightning bugs. The flashes were just enough light to keep me on the path but not enough to keep me from stumbling. The fear of falling makes it easier to stand still than to try and push on. Last Saturday […]

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Staying True to the Path

My Friday post over at Author Haven, The Best Reason to Write, focused on the path I had been taking and was now taking in my journey to become a successful writer and speaker. The new journey has been on my heart for several weeks. Sunday I stood up in front of the Sunday School […]

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Getting Past the Numbers Game

A successful blog must have a high number of visitors each day. A successful blog must have consistent, quality content. A successful blog must have a strong design that keeps the visitors around and brings them back. And a successful freelance writer MUST have a successful blog. My journey as a writer began long before […]

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I am Pro-Choices

Choices dictate every aspect of life. I prefer to make the choices for my life and my family. I do not want other people that do not know or understand our values to make those choices for us. People have survived for centuries without the government telling them what to do. Why should now be […]

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