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Reacting to the Slamming Doors of Life

The door closed. Everything seemed to be moving in the right direction. My attitude was changed. My choices were for action. And then the door just slammed shut in my face. I stood there in shock. “What is this all about, God?” I knew that I was speaking my faith and then backing the words […]

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Walking on Sonshine

It starts with change. I know that and yesterday I was determined to commit to change for my life AGAIN. Things can only get better when I choose a different path from the one I am already on. God knew it was the perfect moment to shower me with His words of encouragement and affirmation. […]

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The Cat, the Fleas and the Mouse

Little problems can follow little problems and end up making a big mess! The cat went blind and at seventeen years old we knew that it was time to let her go. The good news was that the other cat would now be able to go live outside. We would be pet free inside for […]

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Questions and Answers for Writing

The Christian Writers Forum offers great encouragement, support and wisdom to writers at all levels. It always amazes me when other writers turn to me for some of that wisdom. I have been a writer for just over five years now, but I still feel like I am only beginning the journey. Questions from One […]

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Breaking Through the Fog

“Are you THE Kathryn Lang – the one that writes for that paper?” My husband’s groan could not be heard, but I could see it written all over his face. He sat helplessly as my head began to swell. “Yes, that’s me.” “I love what you write.” The one compliment would have made my day. […]

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