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Three Things Create Success

Surfing the web has provided me with some profound insights and inspiration over the years. Not too long back, I ran across a blog about getting more from my time. The writer suggested that I write down three things each night that I would accomplish the next day. A little research showed me that many […]

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Free Book Giveaway – Enter Now!

Reading can be a way to bring the entire family together. My two boys and I will take turns reading a novel and then talk about our favorite parts. We also use the talks to spark ideas for songs (my middle son’s favorite thing to write), short stories (that would be the oldest), and blog […]

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Making Sense of the Good Mood Blog

The time has come. The great “Good Mood” blog competition has officially kicked off. I was late to the race, but determined to make a mark. The months that have passed since the last competition have allowed me to build my platform. More people are reading what I write than ever before. But I know […]

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Which Path for Writing

Things have been crazy around my house these last few weeks. The more I think I know the less I understand. And just when I think I have it all settled, someone comes along and stirs everything back up. Why am I here? My church asked me to teach a class on this topic a […]

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Three Outfits – No Cost

God made each body unique. It would be nice if the Fashion Industry would get that memo. Between Clinton and Stacey and ALL of the designers on Project Runway, I fret over each and every piece in my closet. I am down to so few pieces that I could probably pack all of my belongings […]

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A Shift in Focus

My plans crashed around me. I confess that I had left out an important part of building any type of success, so the crash did not shock me too much. I wrapped myself up in my own problems and needs and forgot about the people around me. I talked a good talk, but my follow […]

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Commit to Change

My Saturdays waste away – untapped of their potential. The world seems to slow down and I oblige without hesitation. I spend most of the time curled up in front of the television watching a lot of nothing when football season is not underway. This past Wednesday, I had the chance to talk with someone […]

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Find Your Fun

Humor carries me through many trials in my life. I have a gift for finding the funny even in the worst situations. It seems that my humor is all well and good, as long as the situations are mine and not yours. I am learning to work within those parameters, but it is not always […]

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