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What Begins with D

One word can stop your progress and derail your success without as much as a whisper of warning. It can come in big, giant, overwhelming waves or small, indiscernible trickles. But it will come, so be prepared. Dealing with Distractions 1. Learn to recognize a distraction for what it is. Emergencies DO come up, but […]

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Writing Challenge for Nov 14

The best fiction comes from real life. “You just can’t make that up.” The true stories that we see around us, read about in the paper or that have been passed down from generation to generation can give life to an entire novel. Look around you. Let the inspiration of reality be the thing that […]

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bible study

Get the Most from Your Bible Study

Bible studies offer a chance to grow closer to God. They can open up a new understanding of the Word or a moment in scripture. Bible studies allow people to develop relationships that provide accountability, encouragement and support. Getting the most from a bible study requires stepping into the class with an attitude of desire. […]

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Give Content Away to Build Readers

Growing a website requires more than filling a page full of content. It takes creating a community where people WANT to come. I make those connections when I open up my heart and reveal the peace of my soul. It also comes when I choose to reach out and help instead of always looking at […]

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Modern Day Etiquette

He KNEW he should not have the hat on – at least I knew it and that was enough for me. The boy sat down at the table with the ball cap securely in place. Out of respect for my grandmother, who would NEVER have allowed something like that at the table, I quickly took […]

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Beyond the Comfort Zone

Push past the place where you are right now. Taking action and taking chances will be the only way that you can ever take charge of your future. Then there is the cautious side of me that says “take the steady job and regular paycheck even it is not all that you desire.” How many […]

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Successful Freelance Writer Expands

Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey we had up last week. The ideas and suggestions will help us move forward and progress towards becoming a major online asset for writers. There were a number of good ideas – from classes and challenges to how to posts. The first installment of the […]

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Becoming a Writing Success

Becoming an overnight writing success only takes a little time, effort, experience and patience. Anyone that works these tools will discover that success comes their way. The problem that most of us face is that we give up before the harvest occurs. Keys to Writing Success 1. Make the time – no matter what I […]

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Develop an Authentic Prayer Life

The key to knowing anyone starts with a relationship. Relationships grow through communication. The only way you will ever develop a close, personal relationship with comes through an authentic prayer life. Three Tips for Authentic Prayer 1. Keep it short and simple. “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they […]

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Writing Challenge for November 7

Writing provides an outlet to the stream of words constantly flowing through my mind. It helps me to stay focused on the task at hand instead of having to wander around all of those loose words. Writing allows me to live the life that I have always dreamed possible. Why do you write? Understanding the […]

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