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ant and leaf

Push to Reach Success

Push! The weather refuses to cooperate. Just when everything starts to get back on schedule the snow shows up to knock them all back a few steps. Every instinct says to join them in the backwards momentum. Push! The last several articles posted have gotten no hits. No one comments on my content the way […]

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One more brick in the process of building a successful freelance writing career

Platforms Brands and Community

First there were platforms and communities. Now we are told to build our brands. I love a good DIY project, but I feel stuck in a perpetual motion of building. My energy gets spent but the desired results for my writing and speaking career get missed. This morning started with a step back. I need […]

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Discover the Uniqueness of You

How are you different? The words were the first question in a series for an interview, but the answer was evading me. The rest of the answers flowed out easily, but the first question was staring at me with a smug, blank expression. I know that I am unique in all of the world. Each […]

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door open

Dealing the Rejection as a Writer

Have you ever been picked last for something – or worse, not picked at all? The Director of Education approached me about teaching a class on Wednesday nights and I eagerly agreed. My husband has surgery the night of the first class, but he pushed to wake up so that we would be able to […]

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Finding Proof of Love

“When Mary broke open the container, it was symbolic of her breaking her will and completely pouring her life onto Jesus. That is why the disciples were so annoyed.” The insightfulness of my husband can be scary sometimes. This was one of them. But it has taken me writing the words and pairing them with […]

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egg crushing

Dealing with the Outside Pressure

More money has to come in from my writing. I have to find a publisher for my novel. Now is the time for landing my agent. This deadline must be met yesterday. Writers put plenty of pressure on their shoulders. Having to also take on the added pressure and complaints of the people around you […]

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looking out on the water copy

Must Read Inspiration for 2011

The ladies on The View recently shared the books that have most inspired them and they encouraged their viewers to add the books to their must read lists for 2011. I had to go watch the clip for myself and I found that these ladies are very smart. Maybe that is because they chose two […]

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Make a Plan for Making Money Writing

The dream of developing a career as a writer almost always involves money in some form. Some writers dream of cashing in those big checks. Other writers just want to make a living doing the thing they love. No matter what amount of money makes up the target, there needs to be a plan to […]

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helping hands

Unity of the Family

Walking through the house was a challenge. Every space was filled with discarded papers, toys and clothes. The chore list had been ignored and the results were chaos. The last thing I wanted to do was clean the house. My work took up enough time so why should I be responsible for everything else on […]

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