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God has Me Covered

Speaking in front of a crowd can be a terrifying experience for most people. I willingly volunteer to step up in front of the mike (now that I have overcome my fear of that technology). My nerves may shake a little before I get up in front, but they settle down once I can start […]

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Choose Your Writing Expertise

Find what you love and then do it. That advice from the experts seems simple enough, but it can roll out of control if you are not careful. There are so many things that I love, or enjoy, or just am good at doing that sometimes I get scattered trying to pursue it all at […]

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Fixing the Unbalanced Writer

There are too many things trying to occupy my time. My brain gets overcrowded and nothing seems to get done. Good intentions lie scattered around like the day after the battle. It is NOT pretty. The first day of February, a friend sent me an email inviting me to be part of a blog a […]

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Teaching to Learn

Sunday school lessons push me to learn more and be more. Leading a class were the average person is 15 years my senior only makes the drive more intense. Standing in front of a class full of people that have centuries of knowledge between them makes me have to know more. Teaching to learn gets […]

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the fly

Top Blog Annoyance

Nothing frustrates me as much as reading a great post and forming the perfect response or comment only to discover that there is a process to being able to post that reply. The need to log in or register is one of the reasons that I hated Blogger for so long. Making things difficult for […]

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Frets of a Home Schooling Parent

My husband and I have been home schooling our boys from the beginning. He worked for seven years in one of the largest public school systems in the region and said his job was the main reason we were schooling our boys at home. The reasons for me were multi-fold. I enjoy working with the […]

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wizard of oz

Writing Outside the Curtain

There was no hiding from the thoughts this time. The words came easy. The full article was finished and edited in only a few minutes. I like when my writing works out so well, under most circumstances. This time the words looked darker than what I have written in the past. The pressure seemed to […]

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Flooding Out the Muse

Sometimes the words come – other times they stay cages up in the normal and expected. The muse gets choked up and has no way to run. The flood gates opened the other night. Catching that flow can be almost as difficult as taming a true river, but the results of success can be just […]

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The Mentor Project

My first attempt at getting published happened while I was still in high school. The manuscript was typed and then mailed to a teen magazine. The rejection letter put up a brick wall on my creative daring that lasted almost twenty years. A mentor would have been a tremendous blessing. Attending writing conferences and making […]

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Finding a Writing Conference

This year we are going to get a way together. My friend and I have been talking about attending a writing conference together for the last several years. It usually ends up that one of us has to back out for some reason or another. This year we will be finding a writing conference that […]

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