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on the trail

Staying the Course for Writing Success

I shared my plans about the classes my sons were taking in the next few months. One has a competitive drama group and the other will probably do art or music. “So you want them to stay broke!” I understood what the man was trying to say. There are certain professions the world has deemed […]

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Cheating on God

I cheated on God – and ultimately I guess I also cheated on my husband and my children. Satisfaction has taken the place of sacrifice. Desire over-ruled deeds. I have made my needs and wants a priority even when I knew that there were other things that were better for me, my family and my […]

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Answers for Full-time Freelance Writing

I want to be a full-time writer. How did you do it? Let me start by saying that I am a full-time freelance writer at work on a full-time writing career. I think that that the two directions are different, although they can be related. Today my freelance writing pays the bills and allows me […]

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dogwood tree in bloom

Nothing Foolish about April 1st

My son wanted to celebrate April 1st. He saw it as a chance to get out of school, and plan pranks against his brothers. I see it as a celebration of the hope that lies ahead. Blessings of THIS April 1st • Spring peeked its head out a couple of weeks back, and although it […]

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