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Sunrise Easter

Hope Lives On

The words that my children point me to during some of my darkest moments speak volumes for me to the care my Father has for my life. This morning my youngest son woke and asked me to play a song on my computer. I only have one CD loaded right now and I started it […]

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Twisting winds peeled this tree like a banana.

Recovering Balance AFTER the Storm

My world flipped upside down on April 27th. It normally happens about when I think I have everything settled into a smooth track. Things fly up and knock me back or knock me down, but I confess this is the first time I have been flipped – end over end so much that I am […]

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The Beginning of Blogging

Blogging and online writing both look like massive elephants on the supper table. The tasks seem so big that you have no idea where to start. I had a conversation with a great friend who faces this task and she told me I needed to write some Beginner Basics for those that literally have just […]

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trees on house

Writing Obstacles Come in All Sizes

The schedule fell into place and 6000 words flowed easily onto the pages. It felt great to check off the work projects and make time for personal projects along the way. Day two may not have been as productive, but 4200 words still felt like an accomplishment. Wednesday morning started off in a way that […]

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