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Make more than loose change as a freelance writer.

Making Money as a Freelance Writer

A friend recently attended a conference where she was told that it was not possible to make a living as a freelance writer. She chimed in that she knew someone who made enough with freelance to support her family. My friend used my career as a freelance writer for her example. There have been years […]

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Sometimes the publishing waters get muddy

Wading into Self-Publishing

The meeting with the agent left me with more questions than answers. I thought I was building a solid platform. My websites and social networking were all on the move up. The connections I had made with other writers and editors had me ready to launch my book at the end of the month. I […]

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rubber duckie

Developing a Life Encouraged

Courage makes it possible to push on when everything in you says to stop. Think about the word ENCOURAGE for a moment. It means that you are IN the place that allows for COURAGE in your life. Look for ways to grow in courage so that you can live a life encouraged. Tips for Growing […]

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Encouraging others builds a life of encouragement.

The First Trait of a Proverbs Life

A Proverbs woman learns how to create a habit of encouragement. She comforts and encourages others and herself with all that is in her. The world throws so much negative at you that finding a path to live encourage and the energy to give encouragement can seem like an impossible task – even on the […]

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