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crown or cross - what do I deserve

What is Better than I Deserve

My husband used to moan about how he was not worth me marrying – or something to that effect. I just know that when he would make those statements I always felt offended. I married my husband because I believed him to be a good, honest, warm, loving soul (and so much more). It was […]

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Change starts one step at a time

Breaking the Procrastination Habit

Getting it done is as simple as just doing it. I first wrote these words over five years ago and I am still working on learning that lesson right now. I am a procrastinator by nature (or by nurture) and that is a HARD habit to break. My realization of the importance behind “just do […]

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Catch the hidden words and write something worth writing.

Write Something Worth Reading

“Should I write something just because I set a goal to write something every day?” My friend, Dawn, has been working on growing her blog, Penguin’s Ponderings, and she sent me that question the other night. I immediately responded that she should write about that very thing and it turned into a post about motivation. […]

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Words have power.

The Implosive Power of Words

Take this down for your future reference. If the world, or any part thereof, suddenly implodes, then you can turn to point the blame directly at me. Just ask my family. It seems that no matter what the situation or who is involved, I somehow had the responsibility to keep it from happening, change the […]

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Secrets for writing 6000 words a day.

How to Write 6000 Words EACH Day

The day before the tornadoes hit our community and turned my world upside down (and a little sideways to boot), I managed to write 6000 words in one day. I also home school my three boys, feed them three meals a day, and try to keep the house in something that resembles order. Life is […]

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Dealing with people can feel like herding cats

Master the Art of Dealing with People

Dealing with people can get on my nerves. My tolerance level for people dropped to low this morning. It annoys me when people fall short of my expectations (even if I am not sure what those expectations may be. Working as a freelance writer requires me to deal with a wide range of personalities, and […]

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Know your path for a freelance writing career.

Expectations of a Fulltime Freelance Writer

My freelance writing career started out of necessity. I NEEDED to make some extra money so that the bill collectors would not start collecting our stuff. That necessity allowed me to stumble over a place where I find joy and contentment in the work that I do. Some days it is overflowing, other days it […]

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