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Building friends online

Building Relationships – Tips for Tending Friendships

“You are not able to tend friendships through electronics. Social Media creates the illusion of relationships but hinders the connections necessary for building the connections that can help push you through life.” Relationships have been a big topic in my studies lately, and they crept their way into Sunday school. I shook my head at […]

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Tourism fiction promotes writers and communities.

Tourism Fiction Offers a New Niche for Writers

Tourism fiction uses the creative license of the fiction writer to help promote a location, region, or event. It tells a story that drives people to be interested in a setting so that through the story the write helps to boost the economy through an increase in tourism. Tourism fiction combines the artistry of the […]

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Cost of to launch a writing career

Counting the Cost for a Writing Career

Launching a writing career can get expensive. Any new business requires certain items or commitments, but it seems that with writing and the internet there is always a new product that is shinier and faster or better coming out. Add to that the conferences and classes that are happening every day of the week, month […]

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Live life ready for purpose

Ready for Purpose

Not everyone desires to live on purpose. Some people prefer the status quo over the challenges and changes required to get ready for purpose. The daring few who step out into purpose soon discover that despite all the mountains, living on purpose provides a life of peace and joy. Living on purpose and in purpose […]

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