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Dream to Grow a Writer

Dream a Little Dream

I had a dream when I was younger to be a writer. My mom encouraged me to a point and subscribed me to some writing magazines. The first rejection letter sent me spiraling away from my dream. The comments about never making a living as a writer helped speed things up. Before long, I had […]

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Use the right tools for building platform.

5 Tools for Platform Building Success

Building anything requires having the right tools. My husband and I purchased our home in the fall of 1995 and all we owned was a chainsaw and a hammer. We managed to do a lot of the work on the house with those two tools, although nothing was perfect and my husband always saw the […]

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Lost - Find the way to purpose.

Discover the Unique Purpose of You

A life worth living begins when you discover the unique purpose of you. People complain all too often that they have no clue about where they are or where they are supposed to be. The frustration of spinning wheels and immovable walls pours out to others around them and leaves everyone feeling miserable. Are You […]

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Study the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Seven

Start the study by taking a moment to read through chapter seven in Proverbs. Read the words out loud if the opportunity presents itself. Try to find several different translations and read through those. Be sure that you make notes about questions or concerns that come up as you read. Wisdom and Knowledge are Simple […]

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Path to peace and joy.

Uncovering the Easy Path to Peace and Joy

Finding joy and peace in life starts with understanding the purpose behind the person. It goes beyond what you love to do and uncovers the heart of why Love created you in the first place. The world will try to dictate the path that you journey, but knowing your purposeful passion will bring you to […]

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Driving to a deadline for writing success

Driving Towards a Deadline

Deadlines can push me to be more or they can crush me with the help of procrastination. I have discovered that putting things off until they can no longer be put off will not make me better – even it if does get my adrenaline pumping. It will often make me late or cause me […]

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Studying the Book of Proverbs – Chapter Six

Begin this study by reading through chapter six in Proverbs. Use several different translations (you can use the internet if you do not own different translations) to help clarify terminology of words and understanding for individual passages. Make notes about any ideas, thoughts or questions that come up during the readings. Wisdom Goes Beyond the […]

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