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Blogger to Blogger

Top Tips from Bloggers to Bloggers

It was open mic night over at #blogchat – and if you have never attended a Twitter chat then you should. It is an experience. Open mic night means you can talk about ANYTHING – a dangerous option for a bunch of bloggers. But it started and we started and then I asked . . […]

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Adjust the Thoughts for Success

Choose to Adjust the Thoughts

“Adjust the thoughts (beliefs) and the actions will fall into alignment.” My friend, Kirk Nugent, shared this idea with me on his Facebook page. I had earlier been complaining about how I was struggling to get my writing completed for the day. His words made me wonder if maybe my thoughts are not what I […]

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Surrender to hit the heart in the bullseye

Surrender Leads to Freedom

The words spoken to the congregation hit the bullseye of my hurting heart. He looked out and saw the depth of my struggle. His eyes pinned me down to the message he was sharing. Surrender. I write words that show how much I trust God and most days I even convince myself that it is […]

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Stong, bold lines create better fiction.

Building a Strong Start and End

“Novels must start and end with a strong line.” These words from Calvin Miller have been haunting me these last few days. Although I first wrote them down years ago at a writers conference, I am just getting to that place where they are relevant to my own writing career. My first finished draft of […]

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Study the Book of Proverbs

Make the Most of the Book of Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs provides valuable tools and tips for navigating the storms of this life. Dad encouraged me to read from the Book of Proverbs every day – and I discovered that most months that meant I read through the whole book. It has become an ordinary part of my mourning routine to see […]

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