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building a legacy

Legacy of a Mom

My mom stayed active in organizations, groups and causes. She stood against the wrongs and injustices big and small. When she died, it was not the causes or the accomplishments that people remembered, it was her heart. “Your mom welcomed me into this town.” “You mom never treated me like a stranger.” “Joy always opened […]

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ladder to possibilities

An Arsenal of Inspiration

Make today more than you ever imagined. Let the words of others put your own dreams to flight. Dare to see the possibilities and then be bold enough to pursue that you with a boldness that cannot be stopped! 25 Quotes of Creativity and Inspiration 1. “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never […]

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More Money Selling eBooks

21 Ways to Sell More Books Online With Joanna Penn

Building a writing career gets some guidance from the experience and knowledge of others. Webinars have offered me some amazing opportunities to visit with people in my niche, experienced marketers and other authors. I recently had an opportunity to join a webinar about selling eBooks and it was very enlightening! Joanna Penn from The Creative […]

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readers realm connects readers and authors

Connecting Readers and Authors

Building an ally army begins with finding others that believe in who you are and what you are doing. You want a core group of fans, fanatics or just friends that will tweet, share, post and shout to the highest mountain about all that you are and all that you have to offer. You can […]

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Limited fuel gets divided by distractions

No Dividing Attentions

Divided attentions will divide resources. Divided resources will limit the fuel fed into each one. Limited fuel will ultimately limit the results. You have to focus your energy if you are ever going to become all that you are designed to be. Ways to Avoid Dividing Attentions 1. Write it down. Make a map of […]

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Getting Balance by Overcoming Chaos

Balance in the Chaos

Today I determine to do . . . The words that follow this proclamation matter little. I have discovered that a big plan, small plan or in between plan all get muddled up by my current circumstances. I have some control over what is what, but not enough to push through the noise and stay […]

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ignite the imagination for writing success

Ignite the Imagination for Writing Success

Finding the keys to ignite the imagination drives you to writing success. Imagination sees what others miss and in ways that others could never begin to comprehend. Nurturing the imagination allows for the expansion of worlds into stories never told. The days of my childhood fostered my imagination. I was off in the jungles hanging […]

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