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Build a Writing Career

Taking Steps to Build a Writing Career

Stepping out to build a writing career based on my own products came in part to surrounding circumstances and in part to stubborn determination. Now I have to continue to grow and expand my writing platform to launch the budding career into a full blooming business. Steps to Build a Writing Career – Sign up […]

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Steps for writing success

Plan for Your Writing Success

A plan means nothing unless I am willing to put action to that plan in order to reach my finish line. It WILL take sacrifice, determination, persistence, consistency, and focus but with these elements at work, anything becomes possible. Building a successful writing career requires one of those plans. Throwing different ideas at the proverbial […]

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the difference is hope

Taking Control of Life

I read the words and they made me stop and examine my life. The author talked about how a fish could not be the one that discovered water because water has always been a part of the life of the fish. Fish do not see water as something worth discovering. He wanted me to think […]

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Overing coming a blank screen.

Horror of a Blank Screen

The white page blinded me at first. It took a moment for my eyes to filter out the glare. It may have been better to be blinded by the white. A think black line flashed at me. “You can’t write. You can’t write. You can’t write.” The more I watched it the more I became […]

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