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Going on Vacation to Build a Writing Career

GOING on Vacation to Help a Writing Career

“We ARE going on vacation this year.” My husband announced the command while staring me down. After knowing each other for three decades, he realizes that we have very different ideas of vacation. His look told me that we were supposed to follow his idea. Building a business – whether it is a writing career […]

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Breaking the habit of false balance

Break the Cycle of False Balance

I need my balance but I spend more time keeping up the delusion of false balance to secure true balance in my life. Life twirling around all willy-nilly leaves me wondering where I am and why I might be there. Balance gives me focus. I know that the ultimate path to balance lies in the […]

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Choose the Right Focus to Find the Life You Desire

Choose the Right Focus

I have to choose the right focus if I want to reach the right place in my life. Today I started. I spent the morning in the Word. It has been years since I did that. Moving along in the same ole same ole became comfortable. Writing words seemed more important that studying THE WORD […]

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