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Change is the Secret to Success

Discover the Secrets for Creating Change

Building a writing career conjures up images of greatness in some minds, full of book signings, interviews and unbelievable advances. Those that have started down the path often have more nightmares than images – nightmares of looming deadlines, haunting blank pages and empty checkbooks. It takes work to build a career. That work has to […]

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Extreme Makeovers

Finding the Way to Extreme Makeovers

I want my blessings. Shows that offer extreme makeovers for families and individuals leave me wondering why they have not shown up at my house. Before the tornadoes swept through the area in April of 2011, I would have given you a list of things that needed improvement in my home. Now my list is […]

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The Power of My Imagination

Imagination and I have a long relationship. I crafted worlds the existed in the lake with its help. I created tales of monsters slicing through the waters below my house thanks to what imagination was willing to share. Trees and animals talked with me as I walked in the woods around the town. All of […]

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beaver dam sm

No More Missing the Mark

We get closer each year, although the world might not notice. The world would frown on our place and our contentment. The world just does not get it. But we are closing in on that place of exceeding abundance. Each step we take brings us that one step closer to our unique purpose. We are […]

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