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Know the reason to be able to hit the target.

Friday Challenge – Know the Reason

Until I know where I am going, I will never know if I reach my destination. Until I understand the reason, I will struggle to find the motivation. Until I recognize the target, I will continue to miss the mark. People arrive because they have a destination. People reach their goals because they have a […]

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Consistency AND Relationships for Blogging Success

Writing a Successful Blog

Blogging consistently should make a difference. Most of the experts I encountered impressed on me the importance of being consistent with content. Blogging should be all about relationships. Most of the experts I encountered impressed on me the value of building relationships if I want to grow writing success. I determined to find out who […]

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Building a Writing Platform

Building Up a Writing Platform

My husband started a new job recently. He will be preaching at a local church. He has been moving in this new direction for years and I am thrilled to support him. The other day it dawned on me that I am now a Pastor Wife. Although nothing in my life has really changed, I […]

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Make Dreams a Reality

Dreams Can Become a Reality

If you want something bad enough then you can achieve it. Desire – that deep, burning hunger that tells you that you will not live without it – will ignite a passion to make it a reality. That passion will push me to do what needs to be done to get to that place that […]

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And Why to Fing your Place

What Am I Doing – Learning Why

Knowing the reason will make all the difference – and the reason has to go deep enough that it connects with my heart. Until I have an understanding of the why, my actions will be a struggle to reach the place I desire. The article I read about Sassafras and Kaboose shared the story of […]

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