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Archive | May, 2013

Know the reason to be able to hit the target.

Friday Challenge – Know the Reason

Until I know where I am going, I will never know if I reach my destination. Until I understand the reason, I will struggle to find the motivation. Until I recognize the target, I will continue to miss the mark. People arrive because they have a destination. People reach their goals because they have a […]

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Consistency AND Relationships for Blogging Success

Writing a Successful Blog

Blogging consistently should make a difference. Most of the experts I encountered impressed on me the importance of being consistent with content. Blogging should be all about relationships. Most of the experts I encountered impressed on me the value of building relationships if I want to grow writing success. I determined to find out who […]

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Building a Writing Platform

Building Up a Writing Platform

My husband started a new job recently. He will be preaching at a local church. He has been moving in this new direction for years and I am thrilled to support him. The other day it dawned on me that I am now a Pastor Wife. Although nothing in my life has really changed, I […]

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Make Dreams a Reality

Dreams Can Become a Reality

If you want something bad enough then you can achieve it. Desire – that deep, burning hunger that tells you that you will not live without it – will ignite a passion to make it a reality. That passion will push me to do what needs to be done to get to that place that […]

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And Why to Fing your Place

What Am I Doing – Learning Why

Knowing the reason will make all the difference – and the reason has to go deep enough that it connects with my heart. Until I have an understanding of the why, my actions will be a struggle to reach the place I desire. The article I read about Sassafras and Kaboose shared the story of […]

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Define Your Market

Challenge to Discover Your Writing Market

Knowing your writing market can be key in determining what words you write and what you do with those words when you have written them. I heard an idea recently that made me rethink the path for discovering my market. It is not about whom you want to sell your books to, or even about […]

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