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Reflections from the BACK porch

Residing in the Blessings

I moved my morning reflection spot to the back porch. It gives me the opportunity to be surrounded by an orchestra of God’s nature and to bask in the paintings of the sun rise. We added the covered porch in 2011 – something that I always wanted for our home. Despite that deep longing for […]

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Get Ideas for Blog Posts

Tips for Blog Posts

Sometimes finding a new idea for your blog posts can be a challenge. If you have written a blog for any amount of time then you feel like you have written on the subject you are about to address. Or maybe you read the same idea on another post. Someone has written about it, that […]

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Building Blocks to Writing Success

Building Blocks to Writing Success is an eBook released by Kathryn C. Lang in November of 2011. It shares tips and suggestions for building a writing career based from her own experiences into the industry. “How do you make a living writing?” I get asked this question almost every place I speak on writing. Most […]

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Wall of Obeience

Wishes of Skinny Hit a Wall of Obedience

I looked at the back of my friend as she and her family knelt at the alter to take communion. She had been going through some shapely transformations over the last few months. Now I had to think of something to distract me from being jealous of her new shape. “She is almost too skinny.” […]

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More Money Selling eBooks

Basic Steps to Earn Money Writing

“What do you think about these websites for making some extra income.” The post on the Google+ community seemed innocent enough to me – until I read the first response. He wanted to know the why behind the action that was driving her in the direction of the websites. I understood what he was saying, […]

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