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Running Walls or Running the Race

My cat got a plastic bag wrapped around her back paw. I did not witness the initial encounter, but I got to see the aftermath. She had never been fond of plastic bags. The sound of one rattling would send her scurring from the room. Having a plastic bag chase her had turned her into […]

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Patience makes the difference

Patience Possess Your Soul

“In your patience possess ye your soul.” Luke 21:19 NKJV I read the words again. My online reader lets me click a word and do a search in the concordance – so I did. Christ died so that I might live, so how could I do anything to “possess” my soul? I do nothing because […]

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Build YOUR Success

Build a Life of Success

Do you want to be a success? I have only met a few people that wanted to settle for mediocre or just enough – they had no desire to succeed. Not many people are naturally inclined to settle in failure (and anything less than your personal best could qualify). Most people want success, whatever that […]

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Build your belief

Belief Builds a Foundation of Knowing

“I know that is true, but then things happen or something comes up and I end up doubting what I know.” Life is full of these moments – where reality and faith collide. My husband and I faced one of them down on the back porch just this past week. I shared my belief. He […]

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