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Put Information to Work

Putting Information to Work

I received a lot of valuable information these last couple of days. I sat in the “I Tweet therefor I am” panel discussion with See Jane Write. I listened to Tony Marino on The Strategist Blogtalk Radio program. I made notes from posts around the internet. I have a lot of information. The other day, […]

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Find YOUR Way

Know the Way to Success

My husband told me today that I am write 80% of the time. I responded that it was only because 20% of the time I thought I might be wrong but it turned out I had been right all along. He was not amused. His comment was supposed to annoy me. Husbands can be like […]

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Finding True Peace

Holding on to Peace

The peace and calm of the day covered me. I watched the sun climb up through the trees, its rays dancing among the leaves. The cicadas sang their songs, accompanied by the tunes of the early morning birds. As the sun continued its climb, a butterfly found comfort in the warmth of its light. It […]

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Three Tips for Getting Better

Spelling and I have never been on the best of terms. My husband likes to say that phonics did NOT work for me. My spelling – or my bad spelling – became so notorious that my own mother gave me a dictionary for my 30th birthday. The inscription was simple: If you haven’t learned to […]

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Be Persistent

Persistence Will Get You There

Be persistent – keep doing until you get the results you desire. Be persistent – keep doing even when THEY tell you it is impossible. Be persistent – keep doing despite the circumstances that come against you. Be persistent – and through your persistence you will see your dreams become so much more.

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Helping hands

Taking the Chance with Hope

The morning started the same as any morning. The first thing I did online was launch my analytics. I needed to know how many people had been to the site. I needed to have that boost – of ego or visits, I am still not sure. While the program loaded, I scanned the news stories […]

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