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The Key to My Success

I found the key – you know, the secret to success! I have been searching long and hard. I have looked through books, websites and conferences. I have been listening to the gurus, experts and all those that have gone on before me. I have been reviewing, refocusing and reconsidering all of the information. It […]

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Perfection of the Proverbs 31 Woman

Becoming the Perfect Proverbs 31 Woman

I am the Proverbs 31 Woman – only never all at once. Combining all of the activities that she accomplished into one 24-hour period is not something I have yet mastered. There are days when I rise before sunrise, make lunch for my husband to take with him if necessary, get breakfast started (and possibly […]

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Elle Kyle Purdum

TOGETHER We Make the Difference

Each month the goal for my writing ministry is to offer 1/10th of all book proceeds to an individual, a group, an organization or a cause that has caught my attention and that I want to draw your attention to as well. There are more wonderful causes than I could begin to touch on in […]

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Building a Successful Career as a Freelance Writer

Should I Be a Freelance Writer

Developing a freelance writing career starts with an entrepreneurial spirit. Education and even resources can play a part in the journey. Successful entrepreneurs, including successful freelance writers, need to have a persistent determination that will push them over the hurdles that will ultimately come. Not getting it done can never be an option for the […]

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Tips for Crafting Blog Posts

Easy Tips for Crafting Blog Posts

New ideas can be hard to come by as you build a cache of writing material for your blog. You have written it all or someone else has written it all. You have heard that there is nothing new under the sun and blog content is really no different. It is not always about writing […]

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new years 2014

Facing the New Year

It is that time of year again . . . resolutions are just around the corner. That means you are supposed to contemplate your desires for the New Year and write them down. You must resolve to make these things a reality in 2014. Only, I have been contemplating for a while now. I have […]

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