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Defining Success

Defining My Success

I have said it. I have heard it and it is about time I figured out a way to live in it. “If you never define success for you then the world will define it and you will rarely be happy in it.” I sit here pondering those words again. I need to determine the […]

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Pursue Your Dreams

5 Secrets for Pursuing Your Dream

The tweet promised “5 Secrets for Nurturing Your Dream CLIENTS.” It had my attention up until the last word. I understand that building a successful career will require the growing and nurturing of a base (like those dream clients). It is just that at this moment I, and many of the people around me, are […]

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Define YOUR Success

The Importance of Defining YOUR Success

“I want to be a success.” This was the answer I got when I asked a friend what he wanted from the words he was creating. His reply did little to answer my question because his definition of success and my definition might not be the same. Have you defined success? I have mentioned before […]

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