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Action or Focus

Being Active or Focused

I peddled as hard as I could to make it, but I felt like I was going nowhere fast. I leaned into the bars, put my head down and peddled even faster. I looked up then looked around and I am pretty sure I had been peddling backwards the whole time. Frustration squeezed into my […]

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Learn from others but choose your own path

Put Action to Learning

“Rules and ideas of experts should be your starting point.” Mack Collier offered these words of wisdom recently. He wanted us to understand that each person has to find their own way. Success – online, in business, or just in life – does not come with a step by step rule book. It would be […]

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A Moment of HOPE – March 11, 2013

I learned a get deal during #Strategy2014 at the Huntsville Marriott. The speakers, panel discussions and breakout sessions offered insights into Social Media and growing your online presence. They shared ideas on finding the right voice for your brand and translating that voice to different social media platforms. They talked about the importance of counting […]

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MusingfromtheDark 3-8-14

Musing from the Dark

I got up in a dark place, and not just because the sun had not yet made it over the mountain. My heart was heavy and it made it difficult for me to focus. I curled up around my coffee mug and started my very own pity party. It did not help. I wanted to […]

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PUSH - something is about to break 3-6-14

PUSH – Pray Until Something Happens

Keeping on keeping on can be difficult. Just the other day, my father-in-law – thinking he was complimenting me – told my husband that I was smart enough to get a good paying job. I am a writer. He has read my work. I have a job. It gets frustrating. Add to the comments the […]

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Distractions Detract

Little Things Matter

The week started with a focus intense enough to drive me from sleep even before the sun had considered waking. I knew what needed to be done and I dove right in. My twitter feed buzzed and I went to check out the latest mention or response. I commented back and spent a few minutes […]

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