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Better Choices Just a Little Bit at a Time

I struggled to follow through on my little bit of exercise this morning. Actually, I struggled yesterday as well (although I did it). The results I want – those magic results I see everyone else getting with pills, programs or shakes – drags me down. It takes reminding myself that my “little bit” is not […]

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You have possibilities in you

Getting Lessons on Stepping Out

In the realm of “making and growing relationships,” Yall Connect knocked it out of the park. Wade Kwon did an excellent job of bringing together a strong group of dynamic speakers and creating an atmosphere for networking. There were a range of opportunities to learn and connect, if you were willing to step out and […]

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DIY Repurpose and Organize

It can be done – whatever your “it” might be. It just takes a little bit of planning, a little bit of effort and a little bit of investment to make it work out. As part of my 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge, I have been tackling projects around the house and around the […]

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Yall Connect to Reach Your Success

Everything that you do in life – business, family, church, and anything else you can imagine – all begins and ends with relationships. Relationships are the foundation that grow the opportunities to produce the fruit. Relationships provide the fuel (motivation and inspiration) to keep the momentum going. Relationships offer the support and comfort for getting […]

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DIY Project – Operation Back Porch

It begins with a vision. I see the elements of possibility, maybe left over from a previous activity or maybe on a Facebook post of a sale or giveaway. Something sparks and I know that I could make it new, make it different, or just make it. The pallets were only the beginning for me. […]

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